Can not connect to foundationdb docker container

Hi, I am trying very base thing:

  1. Ran official foundationdb/foundationdb docker image on ubuntu 18.4, using command

docker run --name fdb foundationdb/foundationdb

  1. Came in the docker container to create database

docker exec -it fdb fdbcli
fdb> configure new single memory
fdb>status details

fdbi> status gives me some good values: (reachable)

  1. On Host machine I create new [file path]/myfdb.cluster

4 .Now I try to connect to the database from host machine to my db in docker container using that file
fdbcli -C "[file path]/myfdb.cluster"

And I get the followig error:

The database is unavalable;…

fdb> status details gives me:

Redundancy mode - unknown
Storage engine - unknown
Coordinators - unknown

FoundationDB processes - unknown
Zones - unknown
Machines -
Machines - unknown

Replication health - unknown
Moving data - unknown
Sum of key-value sizes - unknown
Disk space used - unknown

Operating space:
Unable to retrieve operating space status

Read rate - unknown
Write rate - unknown
Transactions started - unknown
Transactions committed - unknown
Conflict rate - unknown

Backup and DR:
Running backups - 0
Running DRs - 0

Process performance details:

Coordination servers: (reachable)

Please give me a clue what I am doing wrong.

I would expect that this is again a case of host<->docker NAT’d networks. See fdbcli access external [docker] for another instance, and your solution is going to be to run your host client in the same docker network that your server is running in.