EOL Policy of FoundationDB

Hello FoundationDB folks,

I am a Nixpkgs contributor who had recently fixed build breakages on FoundationDB 6.0 and 6.1, and wondered if the patches could be contributed back to upstream. However, the both branches seems inactive nowadays.

The question is: is there any documentation describing the end-of-life policy and/or deprecation schedule on the official website or GitHub?

There is no official end-of-life policy yet declared (though one will probably need to exist eventually). However, fixes tend not to be backported only to the most recent release, so there’s an (unintentional) incentive to remain up-to-date.

The release-5.2, release-6.0, release-6.1 branches should still be buildable. If you’re finding that to not be the case, then PRs would be welcome.

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Thank you for your answer, Alex!

I see.

OK, I will send PRs after confirming that patches do not break builds on typical systems, say, Ubuntu or such.