Excellent Full Time Opportunity - Staff Engineer - FoundationDB (SME - FoundationDB; integration, strategy, design and implementation; open source projects)

Excellent full-time opportunity with wide-ranging opportunities as a FoundationDB Staff Engineer, a key member of our Observability team and an SME across the company to drive our FoundationDB integration strategy, design and implementation.

You will be working directly with our FoundationDB open-source community in the improvement of scale, security, and resiliency of the Observability FoundationDB integration.

Our observability platform is a cutting-edge cloud observability platform that leads the industry in scalability and usability.

We are a growing team developing a SaaS product that is used 24/7 by development and site-reliability teams at leading enterprises such as Lyft, Doordash, Reddit, Snowflake, Intuit, Box, Workday, and many more!

The successful candidate will have the following experience:

  • Back-end experience (C++, Java)
  • Demonstrated participation in the Foundation DB open-source project
  • Understanding of core database concepts and massive scale NoSQL data stores
  • Previous experience with observability or monitoring such as Grafana, Prometheus, TICK stack, StatsD, DataDog, SignalFX, is a plus.

Please email QUALIFED RESUMES ONLY to: mdejesus@vmware.com

Thank you,
Marisol de Jesus
Sr. SWAT Technical Recruiter