FoundationDB Summit 2019

Echoing FoundationDB Summit 2019 Program Announced here, the speaker schedule has been announced, and registration is now open! Please join us to hear our wonderful speakers share their experiences in using, running, and developing FoundationDB on November 18th in San Diego, California!


I have a question regarding the registration to the event. The registration page says:

All attendees, including speakers and staff, must be registered for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019.

Going through the registration, the fee is then $1250 for kubekon + $199 for the fdb summit itself… which is a lot more than I was expecting from last year. Am I missing something? We only intend to attend the fdb summit itself, NOT the full kubekon convention itself. Is there a separate link somewhere to only register to the fdb summit?

I will not be able to justify paying $1500 + travel and hotel fees per person, for a single day… :frowning:

If anyone else is also impacted by the required KubeCon registration, please drop me a message. We’d like to try to make sure that anyone interested in attending the FDB Summit is able to do so. :slight_smile:


This process has been formalized, so anyone that is unable to attend due to the registration cost, please apply for the Community Sponsorship.

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This year the talks will be recorded? :slight_smile:

The talks should be recorded and published (modulo any specific speaker or company objections to their own talks being published).

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