Using FoundationDB without installing client libraries

Hm, interesting that you’d be failing on the fdb_java line. That library should be included within the jar (unless you’re running on some system we don’t support, but there is a Linux so file, a macOS dylib, and a Windows DLL included).

There is also separately an fdb_c dependency that you’ll need to include. There’s no way to run the FoundationDB client without having the dependency around (short of running a separate proxy service), but you don’t need the user to have installed the library, necessarily. On Linux, you should be able to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to include the path to a directory where you have included the library. Less tested, but also, I think on all platforms, if you set the FDB_LIBRARY_PATH_FDB_C Java system property to the path of the library, then I think that, too, should load the C library. (Note that this is undocumented, and I’m not sure if it was really intended to be something use in real environments.)

You can download the C library from our website:${version}/${os}/libfdb_c_${version}.${ext}

Where ${version} is the FDB version, ${os} is your operating system (linux, macOS, or windows), and ${ext} is the platform specific dynamic library file extension.

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