3DC2regions--Simulating Primary Datacenter Failure

My cluster deployment was 3 DCs, 2 regions.The FDB database version is 6.3.23 .


“regions”: [ {
“id” : “dc1”,
“priority”: 1
“id”: “dc2”,
“priority”: 0,
“satellite”: 1,
“satellite_logs”: 2
“satellite_redundancy_mode”: “one_satellite_double”
“id”: “dc3”,
“priority”: 0
DC1 is the primary DC. DC2 is satellite DC, and DC3 is the one in a different region.
fdbcli --exec status

I simulated DC1 failure by stopping all processes deployed in primary datacenter DC1, then the status of cluster changes.

It seems the primary datacenter has changed to DC3,but fault tolerance changes to -1, and replication health keeps initializing automatic data distribution for a long time. However, read and write requests can be submitted by the cluster normally.
fdbcli --exec 'status json' shows DC3 hasn’t fully recovered yet
And a stateless process deployed in DC3 shows the recovery_state is still accepting_commits.


  1. Are there any problems with my cluster configuration? The status of cluster hasn't fully recovered yet of remote datacenter is not the expect behavior of me. Should the recovery_state of the cluster become fully_recovered? What can I do to handle this problem?
  2. What should I do to recover the remote DC after the failure of primary datacenter? or the failure of satellite?
  3. I plan to simulate all data loss of DC1, The next step is to change regions.json that sets priority of DC1 to -1,and configure usable_regions=1 .Is it a safe step when facing these situations?
    Thanks in advance!