A PR to fix the build on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

I don’t have permission to create an issue or PR on github, so I’m posting it here.

The two PRs are:

The forum software only allows me to post 2 links, so I can’t directly link to the relevant issue on github (#7874).

It’s interesting to me that CentOS build completes successfully since the logic in ConfigureCompiler.cmake suggests that it should have the same issue. Maybe USE_SANITIZER is true in that environment?

There’s also a PR to fix the minimum cmake version. When I was trying to fix the jemalloc issue, I thought that it have been related to the version of cmake. None of the versions below 1.19 are able to generate a build anymore.

Thanks! I’ve created a PR with your cmake fix. Not sure if the cmake version fix is required.

The cmake one isn’t required, but foundationdb will no longer build with a cmake below 1.19. You can verify that by using this script.

Thanks for opening the PR!

Thanks! I checked our developer Dockerfile, which uses 3.24.2. I’ve made a PR with your fix Bumps minimum cmake required version. by jzhou77 · Pull Request #9438 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub of minimum cmake version.

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@jzhou Looks like Changes build to compile succesfully on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. by jzhou77 · Pull Request #9437 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub got closed, do you happen to know why?