[ANN] Python asyncio bindings - asyncio-foundationdb


(Amirouche) #1

You can:

$ pip install asyncio-foundationdb

The repository is over the rainbow.

It’s tested with CPython 3.5 and CPython 3.6, it should work with PyPy3 6.0.0


  • 2018/09/19: v0.2.1:
    • Continous Integration, drop async_generator in Transaction.get_range
    • Coverage at 68%
  • 2018/09/22: v0.3.1
    • Rename asyncio-foundationdb, the package is still named found
    • Fix bug where is was not possible to use @transactional with methods
    • Add sparky layer
    • bring back api_version, now you have to call it with the version of the API (currently 510)
    • Rely on official bindings to provide tuple and Subspace as of right now depends on 5.1
    • Disable tests with CPython 3.7 because fdb doesn’t support it
    • Coverage is at 80%
  • 2018/09/26: v0.4.0
    • sparky: reduce disk usage
    • fix critical bug where get_range returned nothing in some cases
    • remove Transaction.range shorthand
    • add Database.get, Database.set and Database.get_range
    • add all atomic operations on Transaction

Feedback and feature request very welcomely.

(Amirouche) #3
  • 2018/11/17: v0.5.0