Applying knobs dynamically

We are running 16 node fdb cluster (6.2). When we add more nodes, it takes days for data cleanup to complete and regain full disk space. Saw that we can use --knob_cleaning_inerval=0.1 to increase cleanup speed. Is there a way to dynamically apply this to all fdb processes rather than editing foundationdb.conf file?

Currently, there is no mechanism to set knobs besides passing the knob option to every process you want to affect at startup time. If you are using fdbmonitor, then this requires updating your foundationdb.conf files.

Thank you @ajbeamon for the reply. Are there any plans to add the same in near future?

There have been discussions about trying to make knobs configurable through something like fdbcli, potentially even changing some while the cluster is running, but there are a number of things that make that somewhat complex. Partly for that reason, I don’t think it’s currently on the roadmap. At the same time, I think it’s a nice-to-have feature that we’d like to see make it in some day.