Awesome List for FoundationDB

I’ve seen a number of announcement posts on the forums for interesting projects, but due to the newsfeed style layout of discourse, these posts will scroll away over time. A better way to index and promote FoundationDB-related projects seems like it would be helpful. Other communities have already seemingly solved this problem before with awesome lists.

“An awesome list is a list of awesome things curated by the community.” – GitHub

@leoluk generously agreed to donate his former leoluk/awesome-foundationdb repo to its new home at FoundationDB/awesome-foundationdb. Please add to it everything that one getting started with FoundationDB might wish to know about: community-maintained bindings, layers to reuse, great blog posts explaining FDB concepts, operations tooling, or just your company as a user of FDB.

I think whichever projects end up being the most widely used should eventually make it onto the FoundationDB website to promote them even more, but increasing reuse of FoundationDB projects first requires a rich index of existing projects to allow them to be discovered, so please help build that rich index.

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