Can't change redundancy mode

I have a 3-node cluster with 1 coordinator in single redundancy mode. I want to change it to double. I added 2 coordinators and tried to make the change but received an error.

fdbcli --exec "configure double"
ERROR: Not enough processes exist to support the specified configuration
Type configure FORCE <TOKEN...> to configure without this check

As far as it looks to me, I have enough processes.

     24                        "role" : "storage"
      3                         "role" : "log"
      3                         "role" : "coordinator"
      3                         "role" : "commit_proxy"
      1                         "role" : "resolver"
      1                         "role" : "ratekeeper"
      1                         "role" : "master"
      1                         "role" : "grv_proxy"
      1                         "role" : "data_distributor"
      1                         "role" : "cluster_controller"

What are the zoneids for those processes? Probably the issue is that not enough processes in different zones exits.

That would be the problem. It’s a test cluster with them all in the same zone.