Checking my understanding: tenants + decimals

Hi all.

Now that I’ve got FoundationDB running locally (:grimacing:), I wanted to check some of my assumptions before jumping in with both feet.

Tenants: we’re working on a hosted product. The nature of the product is such that no data is ever shared between organizations. Three questions:

  1. Is tenants stable “enough” in 7.3.27 to safely/sanely consider deploying to production, eventually? I remember reading about breaking changes to tenants in prior versions; not sure if that’s settled down yet.
  2. Is this an appropriate use of the tenants feature? The name suggests so, but again – better to check my assumptions now than be burned down the line!
  3. Broadly speaking, are there any performance considerations when using the tenants feature? (e.g. my understanding is that using directories requires a lookup, which is strictly slower than using a subspace directly)

Decimals: we’re dealing with financial data/calculations, so decimal math (and storage) are the first things we reached for.

The tuple docs list Arbitrary-precision Decimal as being “reserved” and having been used by layers.

However, I’m unable to find any concrete information or examples of usage. Are there any resources (preferably in Java, but beggars can’t be choosers) of this tuple type in action?