Cluster unresponsive when some of the nodes have full disk

I have misconfigured some of our nodes to use wrong disk and when this nodes became full, our cluster came to a full stop. It reports in fdbcli, but tx commit frequency became only a 1 hz making cluster basicaly dead.

Also since this disks are, unfortunately, HDD it seems it would take a while to exclude them from the cluster.

This behaviour is extremely surprising. Does this mean that we must have a lot extra capacity and all nodes have to use disks of the same size?

UPD: Eventually cluster became “Healthy (Repartitioning)”, but still can’t answer to the queries.
UPD2: Also i have to exclude them forcibly since i am getting “ERROR: This exclude may cause the total free space in the cluster to drop below 10%.”, but that’s not true at all.
UPD3: Removing the one that had zero available space AND restarting cluster (kill all) worked. Adding this node back to the cluster immediately kills the cluster.

See this thread for effects of disk running out on any of SS

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