Common Functionality Toolkit

Has anyone considered starting a FDB toolkit library? Perhaps abstracting some of the patterns found in the design recipes?

It’s been on the back of my mind for a while. Wanted to look into the usefulness of something like this but am waiting till I get some more free time.

Does anyone think this would be useful? The recipes are rather simple to start with so maybe it isn’t needed. Then again, we’ve had minor mistakes in our codebase after re-writing the blob pattern for the Nth time.

It depends on the language, we have such toolkit for nodejs:

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I had some various pieces of demo layer code laying around somewhere, that I’ve always been hesitant to try and release somewhere, because it’s all largely half finished and manually tested once on simple tests.

If someone started a generic, reusable and well tested layer toolkit, we’d be happy to adopt it into the FoundationDB organization.

This is great! I also like how layers and their data is more baked into the FDB API, which provides a nice cohesive feeling between the raw FDB API and the higher primitives that you’ve built.

I’d be super happy to see something like this grow for more languages.

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