Compare triple_data_hall vs multiple coordinators

When looking at triple_data_hall and just plain coordinators, I came across a question.
The good thing about triple_data_hall is that it distribute the coordinators according to a zone id. So, the coordinators is evenly distributed among the zones.
So, is there a way to do the same without the triple_data_hall? ie, distribute coordinators to zone? Assuming I have 3 zones, each zone has 5 worker nodes and using affinity, Then, the ideal situation would be to assign 3 coordinators within each zone. Is that doable without using triple_data_hall?

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I assume you mean three_data_hall?

Coordinators are a bit special as their placement doesn’t take the policy engine into account. Instead you can chose the coordinators yourself. In fdbcli you can simply run the coordinators command and pass 3 ip:port pairs per zone. That will do what you’re asking for.

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yes, that works. Thanks