ConfigMap become 2 items after upgrade( before upgrade it has 6 items)

Hi, Experts

I am trying to upgrade fdb cluster from 6.2.29 with 0.48 operator to 6.3.24 with 1.4.1 operator.
I just set skip to true to shutdown the fdb cluster before uprade, and set skip to false to restart it after upgrade. But after upgrade I found there are some pods in “Init:0/1” status, and when I checked the pod event, I found following error message:

 Warning  FailedMount  1s (x190 over 6h10m)  kubelet  MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "config-map" : configmap references non-existent config key: fdbmonitor-conf-log

I found that the configMap now 2 items left, but before upgrade it has 6 items.


[root@fdbsre1 ~]# oc get cm
mdm-foundationdb-ibm-config   2      6h21m

Any suggestion to fix the issue? Thanks!

Answered in How to upgrade apple operator 0.48 to 1.4.1 without deleting the old crd? - #15 by johscheuer