Control client library generation

The cmake build system will default to building all of the clients where the dependencies for that client are present. The most severe case is the Java client as (AFAIU) the dependencies for the Java client are required to build the FDB server, and the Java client takes a very long time to build. Personally, I only use the C API, so building fewer things would save me some time. I looked for a cmake knob to disable some of the other language clients, but I didn’t find anything. Does such a knob exist?

This is not a particularly pressing issue as it mostly matters for cold builds, but it would be helpful nonetheless.

If this is true this is probably a bug. Also the java client shouldn’t take long to build (at least it seems to be pretty fast on my machine).

Generally I don’t think there’s a standard way of disabling bindings currently. This is also true for other optional stuff (like tls). Currently at least my impression was that this is a non-issue, but this might be wrong :wink: Please file a github issue if you want to have this changed and someone might do this. Or even better: you can submit a PR :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m pretty sure cmake failed when I didn’t have a jdk installed, but it’s not worth double checking right at this moment. I’ll keep an eye on how much pain this actually causes me and send out a PR if it would actually end up saving me a non-trivial amount of time.