Deleted All Active Coordinators, How Can I Reset?

All of our coordinators were mistakenly deleted, is there a way to reset the coordinator quorum without losing any data? That is, we are unable to start any of the coordinators below, or new coordinators with the same IP addresses.

Could not communicate with a quorum of coordination servers:  (unreachable)  (unreachable)  (unreachable)  (unreachable)  (unreachable)

Referring to How to restore cluster after accidentally dropping coordinators

Is it correct to assume we’re kind of dead in the water in terms of recovering the existing data?

Currently, yes :frowning:

I created Recover from a cluster with no coordinated state · Issue #2022 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub to track this. I am pretty sure we can make this better in the future. But for now I think you need to recover from a backup if this happens.

Appreciate the response! We’ll move forward with a new plan :smiley:

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