Difference between log and storage engine pods

I started local cluster using minikube. Tings started up fine, upon checking log vs storage pods they seems to identical except pod names. I was thinking at least startup params would be different, but this is not the case. Does this mean storage can in fact accept requests that is sent to log server?

Who differentiates between this two classes and how?

The startup parameters are different, log processes are started with the log class and storage processes are started with the log class, otherwise they get the same default knobs set. The storage processes are a pool of storage nodes that will store the actual key value data for the long-term, the log processes are basically a distributed write-ahead log (WAL) that stores the mutations until they are persisted in the storage subsystem.

This documentation has some more details on the log processes and storage processes and how they interact: FDB Read and Write Path — FoundationDB 7.2