Different message types with same unqualified name

Is there any way to use Record Layer with protobuf message types that are in different protobuf packages, but have the same unqualified message name? For example:

message MyUnion {
  option (com.apple.foundationdb.record.record).usage = UNION;
  v1.MyRecord _record_v1 = 1;
  v2.MyRecord _record_v2 = 2;

I think the answer is no – afaict the Record Layer code assumes message types will have distinct unqualified names, so v1.MyRecord and v2.MyRecord would collide. But I want to be sure I’m not missing something.

That is correct. There is no support for this today.

However, it is not fundamental to the data model. Record types have their own names. The limitation is how those are specified / initialized by the file descriptor.

I suspect that if RecordMetaDataBuilder.processRecordType, where it inits a new RecordTypeBuilder, honored an additional RecordTypeOptions field in the message descriptor to give a name, most everything would just work.