Distributed tracing of client calls only?

This is potentially a “try it and see” thing, but as it’ll be a bit of time before I have time to do that I wondered if anyone on here already knew the answer.

The docs for OpenTelemetry tracing (Request Tracing — FoundationDB 7.1) say that both the client and server must have the same trace value set to perform ‘correctly’.

Thing is, for now we’re not interested in the details of what’s going on within the FDB cluster/server processes. We literally only want to know how long the client took to get a response from the cluster after requesting some key or range of keys be read, or a key be written.

Given that, do we still need to set up tracing on the server processes, or does ‘not working correctly’ in this case simply mean that if we configure it on the client only we’ll get spans for the client calls, but not what is happening within the server processes when the request reaches there?