Document layer plans?

(Will Wilson) #1

Are there any plans to release the MongoDB-compatible document layer?

I’m getting ready to build a different layer that will involve secondary indexing, a relatively conservative query planner, and a pipelined asynchronous execution engine. But then it occurred to me that actually the document layer already does all of this, and due to its own internally-layered architecture, does them fairly agnostically with regard to the details of the Mongo data model and API. While it isn’t literally a completely general planning and indexing abstraction over FoundationDB, it does provide a very flexible (and efficient) set of tools for layer builders to use.

I’m sure I and/or the community can write all this code again, but before we do that are there any plans to release the layer? As I recall, I had already modernized the build system and Flow dependencies, so there should be relatively little left to do to get it into a releasable state. And I’m happy to help with what work there is.

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Wondering if this could be combined with a lucene based full text search layer so that documents, keys and values are all indexed? Read something like this existed at one point… could this also be open sourced…