Does FoundationDB support running 1 GRV proxy per zone?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I am trying to figure out whether it’s possible (or not) to run a cluster configuration with operator where there is 1 GRV proxy on each zone, with the intent of minimizing latency on read-only queries.

So far I have tried using three_data_hall and configuring grv_proxies: 1 on the cluster of each zone, with no luck: the GRV proxy and cluster controller always end up in a single zone.

Any tips/ideas? Thanks!

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grv_proxies=N is a database option that can be configured with fdbcli. For your desired case, N=3. Then you need to have 3 stateless pods, one in each zone, running grv_proxy class so that these processes are preferred and recruited as GRV proxies.