DR backup database is locked

(Vasiliy Popkov) #1

$ fdbdr status -s /etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster -d /etc/foundationdb/fdb_replica.cluster
The DR on tag `default’ is a complete copy of the primary database.

The DR is 106792.039639 seconds behind.

we have complete copy of the primary database. why we cant read from cluster(we have message database is locked)?

we want to read data from our dr backup.
how can we do this? or dr backup readeble after switch?

(Alex Miller) #2

If you want to read from a locked database, you can set the transaction option FDBTransactionOptions::READ_LOCK_AWARE.

(Meng Xu) #3

Do you happen to know why the DR is so far behind?

(Vasiliy Popkov) #4

we run write test.
this second not really second.
then we off write test this time fast go down