Dynamic link openssl instead of static link?

Has anyone tried to dynamic link openssl instead of static link? Any particular issue ?

I think we link dynamically on Windows (but not 100% sure). There shouldn’t be any issues, though the build system tries really hard to link everything statically.

Any reason you want to link dynamically?

I am trying to compile with FIPS aware openssl on RHEL 8. The one static openssl library I found is old and gives me linking error in the crypto library. It is based on 1.1.1c which is two years old. I can’t use an updated version like 1.1.1k/m from openssl.org due to FIPS compliance issue. So, that’s why I am thinking about linking dynamically. In my env., I will always have openssl installed so the runtime .so should always be there.
Could you point me out how to change the openssl part from static to dynamic? Is it just a change to the CMake configure to turn that static linking off? I am compiling on a RHEL 8 host, not using the docker build env.

This should be easy, though it probably depends on the FDB version (we changed OpenSSL stuff multiple times). The easiest way would be to remove this line (default for cmake is linking against the dynamic library)

It seems working and is doing what I want it to, thanks for the help