Facing issues while installing fdb 7.1.5 v on M1 mac

On M1 mac, fdb server is not coming up with 7.1.5 v. I see in other thread(Building foundationdb source code in Macos Big Sur M1 chip), fdb is not compatible with M1 mac. Though I was able to install & run 6.x version on M1 mac, getting below error with 7.1.5 v. Any work around for this?

zsh: illegal hardware instruction fdbcli

Hi, im getting this for M2 chip, did you ever resolve?

Maybe rosetta 2 doesn’t handle avx instructions. Try a release built without avx? e.g. 7.1.6 (Releases · apple/foundationdb · GitHub)

This is the answer. Qemu and Rosetta both don’t handle AVX, so you can’t run an odd-numbered FDB release on an M1 Mac natively, or even in a Docker container configured as x86 (which uses Qemu under the hood). Use an even-numbered release.

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