FDB 6.2.20+ - Moving Data limit for "Healthy (Rebalancing|Repartitioning)"?

I feel like I recall this being mentioned recently in a thread, but I can’t seem to dig it up with searching, so I’ll go ahead and ask with my own post.

With FDB 6.2.20+, what is the moving data limit for when an ssd engine cluster is in "Healthy (Rebalancing|Repartitioning)?


I assume you are asking why DD has a limit on how much data can be moved for balancing the disk space.

It is to prevent DD from consuming too much bandwidth (primary read) from SSes such that SS becomes slow to serve actual clients’ traffic.

Sorry I wasn’t sufficiently clear. I am wondering how DD calculates the limit in FDB6 and where in the code it is defined. We’d like to update places in our Ansible code that previously had the 5GB limit, from FDB5 (and earlier), and update the code to use the same limit calculation that FDB does internally. Does that make sense?