Fdb database unavailable result of inconsistent coordinator ips

Hi, Experts:
Now we encountered an issue for fdb cluster on openshift/k8s environment.
After reboot the nodes of openshift/k8s the coordinator ips in /var/fdb/data/fdb.cluster are different that in /var/dynamic-conf/fdb.cluster
We have tried to run the following command in our controller pod, but it does not work.
kubectl fdb fix-coordinator-ips -c xxxx -n xxxx
So I wonder what is the root cause of such issue? Thanks!

Could you provide some additional information like the status of the FoundationDB Kubernetes custom resource? This issue might be the same as Execute fix-coordinator-ips command got “Could not find process for coordinator IP..” error · Issue #1314 · FoundationDB/fdb-kubernetes-operator · GitHub. I will respond to the GitHub issue a little bit later with a possible workaround to make fix-coordinator-ips work if the IP addresses are missing in the status.

Thank you, the environment is rebuilt and I will provide the info when I reproduce it.