Fdbbackup doesn't include all key/values?

I have a 6.2 cluster which has almost 700G data.
I run the following command(not continuous backup, to a local directory) to generate a backup:
fdbbackup start -d file:///var/fdb/backup -C /tmp/fdb.cluster -t $date

but the generated backup folder only has around 100G even fdbbackup says it’s completed successfully.

Is there anything wrong in this scenario?


I can share with you with my humble experience about fdbbackup.

First of all - you have set propably some replication factor. So fdbbackup makes backup without replication and it is why backup-2022-10-09-01 is significantly smaller than data in cluster.

Secondly FDB has some overhead on data.

The third reason is fdbbackup splits data during this process against all backup agents at cluster. Thus you have to copy your backup data from every single host where backup agent is present.
When you want to restore your data you have to merge these pieces of backup firstly. Only then you can start restore.

I hope it is helpfully at least a little.

Thanks for your response. There is only one backup agent in my cluster, which is running on the same box where fdbbackup executes. I am not sure what the “replication factor” is ? The cluster’s redundency mode is “triple” so as I can see, disk space used(2.26T) is about 3 times of the data volume(695G). That’s acceptable. But it can’t explain the difference between the backup size and the data volume :frowning: