Fdbcli status json on 6.2.x, does it return database_lock_state or that is only available in 6.3.x?

As the subject state, I tried to look for the database_lock_state but can’t find it in the fdbcli status json. I am using a 6.2.3x database. I see the feature was merged in 2019 so I thought it would be in 6.2.x? Or it is only in 6.3.x?
Could someone confirm which version it is in?

Yes. 6.3 release notes have stated Replaced ``cluster.database_locked`` status field with ``cluster.database_lock_state``, which contains two subfields: ``locked`` (boolean) and ``lock_uid`` (which contains the database lock uid if the database is locked). [PR #2058] (Added lockUID to status output if database is locked by tclinken · Pull Request #2058 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub)