Fdbdr tool failling with segmentation fault 11

I’m running foudationDB version 6.2.25 on Linux. I want to enable DR for my main cluster servers, but whenever I use fdbdr command I get the following with every action start , status , and abort even with a fresh install of fdb!

Trace: addr2line -e fdbdr.debug -p -C -f -i 0xa9a655 0x7f2d5617bb20 0x65835b 0x65c214 0x4f9998 0x5eeaef 0x917698 0x8494c8 0x84976f 0x846868 0x846b3d 0x84b4e0 0x8c22b8 0x87b7fc 0x87b90f 0x868ac8 0x866a18 0x866bcd 0x880d58 0x7d3228 0x7ec27b 0x9fd40b 0x9fd505 0x4f9900 0xaf5840 0x841712 0x4b3573 0x7f2d5583d493
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

What’s the full command you are using to run it? I know of one crash that’s since been fixed that can happen if the arguments aren’t correct.

the problem was I wasn’t passing the arguments -s and -d, I thought it’s unnecessary for fdbdr status. but now after passing these everything works fine.