`fdbrestore` with --remove-prefix and --keys fails on error: "begin or end of key range does not start with removePrefix"

When I call fdbrestore with `–keys ‘\x025 \x025\xff’ --remove-prefix ‘\x025’ I get the following failure:

Assertion restoreRange.begin.startsWith(removePrefix) && restoreRange.end.startsWith(removePrefix)

What am I doing incorrectly here? For context what I want to do is restore all of the data from a backup of cluster1 stored under a particular directory (i.e. with the prefix \x025) and remove the prefix before restoring it to a different cluster2 that has a different prefix associated with that same directory.

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Did you solve your problem in any way?

It seems that remove-prefix and add-prefix do not accept escaping in the way keys does, so maybe it is the issue with your command.