Flow compiler plugin

If this is indeed such a great c++ language extension, shouldn’t there be an effort to make this into a standalone installable software product?
What about a VSCode plugin so one could actually use it and get intellisense, how else do people work with this thing?
And the docs say that it’s a compiler plugin but to which compiler exactly? Or do you mean that it simply generates c++ during the foundationdb make step. If that is the case then there should still be some kind of explanation on how to do that in a standalone project in my opinion. Otherwise nobody will understand how this thing works. Like a ‘hello world’ in flowc++, seeing as it is a completely new language.

The Flow compiler is a transpiler that converts source written in the Flow language into source written in C++. We do this transpilation early in our build process for FoundationDB. I’m not sure in which documentation we describe it as a compiler plugin, but if you have a link where I can see the context, I can attempt to explain what it meant.

I agree that it would be helpful to provide more details about using Flow, and hopefully in time more content will become available in that vein. We did recently add some basic documentation about the Flow language, though it doesn’t describe how to setup a standalone flow project.

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