[Forum] How would one run a poll here?

It would be interesting to run a poll among early FoundationDB adopters, asking questions:

  1. Which platform (OSX/Windows/Linux) do you use for development?
  2. Which languages do you use?
  3. What are the most exciting FoundationDB features for you?
  4. Which problems are you trying to solve with FDB?
  5. What are the pain points on the way to use FDB in your projects?

I don’t see built-in option for running polls here. What would be an appropriate way to do that? Run a poll on Google forms and post here a link?

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Apparently, you can add one if you make a post or reply, and then within the message editor, hit the little gear thing on the right, and then select “Build poll”. For example:

  • Tabs
  • Spaces

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@alloc, thank you!

Created a poll here: FoundationDB Usage Poll

Sounds good. Closing this thread but keeping it alive for future reference.