FoundationDB as a service


While FoundationDB’s relative operational simplicity is a nontrivial and core component of its overall appeal, I would very much prefer to delegate the database(s)’ entire operational overhead to one or more platforms from the get go.

As that does not appear to be possible today, I reached out to Compose, ScaleGrid, Aiven, ObjectRocket, JawsDB, Scalingo to understand their position.

  • Compose and ScaleGrid may be interested (“within realm of possibilities; would not announce until beta,” “looking at it”) but have no immediate plans
  • ObjectRocket does not have any plan (and did not show interest)
  • Scalingo “are considering it” and are interested in usage
  • Aiven said «It’s something that’s been asked a few times from us but right now there’s no schedule for it as we’re still gathering feedback on the interest level,» and have of course showed interest in the specific use case and data volume
  • JawsDB said it wasn’t on their roadmap, “but we’ll definitely look into it”

I would encourage anyone with similar requirements to actively reach out so as to signal demand and hopefully speed things up.

(In the meantime I compiled the following working notes to have a clear understanding of the community’s experience and state-of-operational-affairs.)

(Alex Miller) #2

Please do keep us updated on the responses. Having someone offer FoundationDB-as-a-service would help drive adoption, but would likely have interesting additional challenges from other database offerings.

I think this is an area that @davelester would be particularly interested in as well.

(Dave Lester) #3

Thanks for the active outreach, @wll! This is really great. I’ll reach out to several of these companies as well.


Updates in—invited both Scalingo and Aiven to join the thread.