FoundationDb backup : understanding describe


We are using FoundationDb at version 6.2. We do have continuous backup enabled for our clusters.

When I check the describe command for some of our clusters, I noticed that sometimes contiguousLogEnd and maxLogEnd start to diverge : contiguousLogEnd started to lag (relativelag is increasing) while the maxLogEnd is sill at 0.

I’m wondering which field I should rely on to make sure our backup are still restorable from the latest version ? The contiguousLogEnd or the maxLogEnd ? From what I’m understand, it contiguousLogEnd will be used to restore our backup.

Second question : How can I can fix the backup when the contiguousLogEnd start to diverge from the maxLogEnd ?
I tried to abort and resume, but it did not work. It seems that deleting the backup is working (not all the time) but I would like to avoid doing that as it required to abort the backup for a period of time (which expose our cluster to be not restorable).

Thank you for your help.