FoundationDB (DBA) Job Opportunity OpenWay Group Hiring Globally

OpenWay Group is a multinational company and vendor of the Way4 system: an open flexible
platform for digital banking and managing all types of payment services and instruments.
Way4 is used by more than 130 banks, payment hubs, processing, telecommunications and fuel
companies in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
In Russia, Way4 is used for issuing over 50% of payment cards and acquiring over 20% of
payment terminals.
Our company has selected FoundationDB to build distributed, highly available and reliable
solutions for our clients.
We’re currently looking for a FoundationDB specialist with experience in administration,
troubleshooting and performance tuning FoundationDB in development, testing and/or
production environments. You will be involved in refinement of our solutions based
on FoundationDB. We actively use fdb_exporter, Prometheus and Grafana for performance
analysis. We also use Ansible for automation of our products
and new FoundationDB installations.
Even though we already have some expertise
in FoundationDB and use FoundationDB in prototyped solutions, and in solutions being
piloted in client environments, you will have the opportunity
to contribute to these solutions’ improvement, our team expertise growth and overall
company success.

  1. Supporting and advising users on FoundationDB issues.
  2. Тroubleshooting based on analysis of trace files. Disaster recovery.
  3. Building test benches and reproducing FoundationDB crashes and performance issues. D
    escribing issues.
  4. Creating bug reports and communicating with FoundationDB developers
    in GitHub and Community Forum.
  5. Automating and optimizing deployment of new FoundationDB environments.
  6. Automating the FoundationDB upgrade process.
  7. Optimizing FoundationDB performance. Systematic approach to finding bottlenecks.
  8. Monitoring, backup/recovery.
  9. Exploring new features of FoundationDB.
  10. Scaling, building high-performance fault-tolerant solutions based
    on FoundationDB clusters and disaster recovery. Bench setup.
  11. Teamwork, cross-functional collaboration.
  12. Practical experience using FoundationDB.
  13. Thorough knowledge and understanding of FoundationDB architecture.
  14. Experience using the main technologies and tools of the FoundationDB stack: cluster,
    multiregional, fdbcli, fdbbackup, fdbdr, fdbrestore.
  15. Experience administering Unix/Linux systems.
  16. Experience automating tasks, writing bash scripts.
  17. Understanding theoretical foundations and general erudition in the field of IT, knowledg
    e of the software lifecycle, basics of design, development, and software quality assurance.
  18. Knowledge and experience in application deployment: containers, container
    orchestration, DevOps tools (Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, TeamCity, ELK, etc).
  19. English language skills (at least Intermediate)
  20. Experience working with relational databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL).
  21. Experience programming in high-level languages (Java/Kotlin, C++, Python).
  22. Experience working with ClickHouse.
    Personal qualities
  23. Systematic thinking, analytical skills.
  24. Positive professional motivation, proactive.
  25. Readiness and ability to learn, to participate in large-scale infrastructure projects.
  26. Punctuality, accuracy.
  27. Responsibility, diligence, initiative.
  28. Good communication skills.
  29. Ability to listen, to express yourself orally and in writing.
  30. Willingness to share experience, documentation skills.

Please send resume to email below.

Rona Lara Hutton OpenWay Recruiter