FoundationDB fails to verify valid TLS certificates

I have initialized a FoundationDB cluster following fdb’s documentation and I am using TLS certificates created using HashiCorp Vault. I am using the same TLS certificate to create secure channel for inter-process gPRC communication. When I use the same certificates for starting up a FDB cluster on a host, it fails to start-up processes will error message saying Fatal Error: TLS error. How do I debug this issue? The log files also do not expand on the failure message.

The log files really should have more information. Try grepping your trace log for any lines involving TLS or the word “WhichMeans”.

Grepping helped me find an error message saying LibTLSErrorMessage="failed to load private key". I crossed checked permissions on the private key file and they are set to 666. Also, other programs are running fine using the same TLS files. What could be the problem? Any other debugging ideas I can use?

What version of FDB are you using?

I am using the 6.2.7 version

Funny that latest version does precisely the opposite — it does not validate obviously invalid TLS certs/paths.