FoundationDB Getting Started Help

Hi, I’ve heard about FoundationDB for sometime and recently I got more and more curious about its capabilities. What I was wondering was is FoundationDB something that would be suitable for Document based apps, for examples an image editor app with a custom file format or some document creation app. Can I use FoundationDB to build an infrastructure to store and sync these documents and perhaps other data and features like collaboration, user login, etc.

What I want to do is basically build a simple web or iOS app that connects to FoundationDB. If anyone can provide guidance, that would be fantastic! Also, I’m new to this area but am willing to learn this stuff!

Thanks again!

Do you mean like Show FDB: A scalable realtime text editor on top of foundationdb ?

Not quite, I guess I should first make sure I understand FoundationDB correctly… at the simplest level, is it basically a software system for your server that allows you to build infrastructure for your applications. So the main thing I am trying to understand its is what does FoundationDB provide me and what do I need to add on top of it… Does it provide me with Database and Asset Storage and then I would build on it things like App Logic, Authentication, etc, essential my own set of APIs for my apps and services?