FoundationDB Summit 2019: Build Anything with FoundationDB

Speaker: @ryanworl
Slides: Build Anything


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Is that the only video available from the Summit? I’ve been looking for others, but could only find this single one.

They seem to have disappeared. They were available on the Linux Foundation YouTube channel originally, which is where this one would’ve come from. It was re-uploaded to some aggregator channel in the link above. I know a few others have made it out because I’ve seen people posting them on LinkedIn.

EDIT: Those posts on LinkedIn are still pointing to videos on the Linux FoundationDB YouTube channel. They are just unlisted, which I’m assuming means that they’ll come back at some point publicly.

Here are two other videos from what I found on LinkedIn.

I think they might be unlisted. I had to hunt down Garren and Diego’s videos for a bit. If anyone want’s the URLs here they are:

1/ Performance Profiling in FoundationDB - Diego Didona, IBM Research (
2/ Rearchitecting CouchDB Secondary Indexes on Top of FoundationDB - Garren Smith (

I added the links to these videos on their respective threads. I was not able to find much more on youtube, probably most of them are still unlisted.

They’re all posted now.