FoundationDB Summit, our community conference, takes place December 10


(Dave Lester) #1

Friendly reminder that the FoundationDB community is hosting its first-ever community conference, FoundationDB Summit, on December 10, 2018 in Seattle, WA.

I encourage you to read the announcement blog post, but want to highlight the “Who should attend” section which covers some key points:

FoundationDB Summit is a technical conference that will bring together early adopters, core developers, and other community members. If you’re interested in learning more about the project, we encourage you to join us!

FoundationDB Summit is also part of the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Community Events Day, and will be in the same Washington Convention Center as thousands of other open source engineers that week.

Register today to join the community in person!

(Dave Lester) #4

(Stewart Henderson) #5

Is there a live feed for purchase as well by chance? I won’t be able to make it this year but would love to check out the content.

(Dave Lester) #6

Unfortunately, there won’t be a live stream, however I’ll explore whether we can record talks and publish them online afterwards.

(Stewart Henderson) #7

That would be great if possible!

(Bastien Gysler) #8

That would be really appreciated for those who can’t attend the event.

(Dave Lester) #9

For folks still registering for FDB Summit, if you use the registration code “FDB18SPON20” you can save 20% off your registration. See you in Seattle!

(Christophe Chevalier) #10

Due to the weirdness of plane ticket fares, it is cheaper to arrive a day early to the event.

So… what are good places to visit in Seattle on a Sunday for database nerds? :slight_smile:

(Ryan Worl) #11

I’ll be arriving on Saturday for the same reason.

(Jan Rychter) #12

I’d like to second the request that the talks be recorded and videos posted online. Much as I would like to attend, I will not be able to. Recorded talks would be a fantastic learning resource, very badly needed.

(Dave Lester) #13

Good news: we will be recording talks and publishing them after the event.

(Dave Lester) #14

(seddonm1) #15

Hope the Summit went well! Really looking forward to the videos (particularly the new storage engine!)

(Paul Okstad) #17

I attended your summit and had a great time learning about fdb. I’m still trying to understand the amount of work writing these models and compatibility layers entails. I’m especially interested in learning how hard it would be to do something similar to your MondoDB compatibility layer but for CouchDB. If any of y’all are in town still tomorrow, I’d love to discuss in person at the conference hall. Thanks!

(Mike McMahon) #18

had a blast at the summit, was great to meet so many other FDB users - I am excited to participate more in the future!

(Wolf Dan) #19

Any idea when it could be? Pretty exited to check them all :smiley:

(Dave Lester) #20

I’ll post here as soon as I have an update. Stay tuned!

(Jan Rychter) #21

We are all holding our collective breath :sunglasses:

(Ryan Worl) #22

The videos are up now on the Linux Foundation YouTube channel.

Here is my talk, for example :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dave Lester) #23

Videos are now online: