FoundationDB Windows Download 404s

This link is dead:

404 Not Found (

“Official” support for Windows was discontinued, see Looking for community support for the Windows build for the explanation and discussion. Fixing the downloads page to not list Windows for recent releases is on @ammolitor’s todo list, but he’s previously commented that there’s higher priority items for him to tackle first. I didn’t see an issue specifically tracking this work, so I filed Officially discontinue the Windows build · Issue #5135 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub.

There were a few changes done to enable FDB to work under the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which was reported as working FoundationDB does not run on Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) - #10 by KrzysFR.


It would be cool to have one of the older versions available just for development without having to use WSL.

The 6.3.12 link is available =>

We were working since last week on creating two pull requests to be able to build both 6.3 and 7.0 branches on Windows, and were planning to submit them today or tomorrow, but it seems like we were too slow by one day!


By curiosity, are you planning to do some development work on Windows? Using Visual Studio or Visual
Studio Code? Do you intend to use foundationdb in an application, or to work on fdb source code?

We are in the process on revamping the “user experience” on Windows, and could use your inputs or remarks :slight_smile:

That link 404s for me.

In this case I just need it for local development and it will ultimately be deployed to Linux. Using IntelliJ IDEA. I could just run the server in a container and a local client or develop remotely on WSL. It would just be nice to be able to run it for development like I always have on Mac.

Well, it was working yesterday, it seems it got removed in between :frowning:

That is the same use case for us.

We are currently setting up a CI that will be able to compile a MSI for windows (currently 7.0, will work on 6.3 soon).

With the latest commit in master, you can use .\build\build.ps1 to build using Docker on Windows.
Edit: master build is broken until Fix build with DISABLE_TLS=ON by sfc-gh-tclinkenbeard · Pull Request #5151 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub is merged.

So, if I want to start developing an application on windows, what are my options currently?

The links for Windows installers were restored for versions before 6.3.12.

Still 404ing for me:

404 Not Found (

Before and not including 6.3.12. The download links for 6.2.30 or 6.3.9 appear to work.

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Thousand thanks for the answer.

For those that wonder, I am using this link.