Get OS version in Status JSON

I want to get the OS version of FDB nodes. We keep inventory of db clusters with various node info, including the OS version, for all our dbs. One use for OS info is to meet security patching requirement.

Currently we get the FDB node info from FDB’s status json output. We are wondering if the OS info is there. I seem not able to find it in the json. (We are using v6.2.27.)

If it is not in v6.2.27, is it in a newer version or can it be added?


Do you mean kernel version, when you said OS version? Or the Linux distribution version?

I agree it would be nice to expose the kernel version of the host that a fdbserver process is running.

But my concern would be size of status json. As this is per process information this has potential to increase the size of already bloated status json output.

Otherwise, I like the idea.

I mean Linux distribution version, like “Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS”.