Getting "Future Not Completed" message while trying to insert a record in database using Jupyter Notebook

Hi All,
I have 3 node foundationDb cluster set and trying to write some data using Jupyter notebook but no success. Here is simple scala client code:

import{FDB, Database, ReadTransaction, Transaction}
val fdb: FDB = FDB.selectAPIVersion(620)
val db : Database ="/tmp/fdb.cluster")
val tr:Transaction  = db.createTransaction()
tr.set(Tuple.from("hello").pack(), Tuple.from("world").pack());

When I run the above code, no error is raised however no records are inserted in database. I get “Future Not Completed” message
tr: =
res1: java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture[Void] =[Not completed]

Any pointer on what am I missing?

I can telnet to 4500 from notebook where coordinator is running and my “fdb.cluster” file includes following entry;

Thanks in advance.

I think commit() returns a future that you need to .wait() on.

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