How do I use mongorestore?

I made a dump of my existing Mongo databases and now want to import them into Foundation. Running fdbcli and then the mongorestore command didn’t work.

EDIT: Mongo’s docs says:

Run mongorestore from the system command line, not the mongo shell.

I’ve been trying to restore with mongorestore ~/Desktop/dump-2019-06-24.

EDIT 2: I managed to figure out mongoimport:

mongoimport --port PORT --authenticationDatabase "admins" --db myDatabaseName --username myAdminUsername --password "myAdminPassword" --file ~/Desktop/dump-2019-06-24/posts.metadata.json

EDIT 3: All I’ve managed to do is re-import what I exported back into Mongo. UGH.

Has anyone imported data into Foundation before?

Hi @NetOperatorWibby Yes, we have imported some sample data from MongoDB to FBD through Document Layer using MongoDB GUI client. Basically, a Json export/import. Have not tried directly skipping the Document Layer yet. For this exercise, I wanted Document Layer to take care Key/Value pairs construction.
How big is your dump? Importing through MongoDB GUI client or BulkInsert API will be time consuming. So need to process them in batches simultaneously.

My dump is only 1.2MB. I wish there was an FDB GUI client but I suppose I’ll use MongoDB Compass.

I want to get used to doing things the FDB way though.

EDIT: Compass doesn’t like FDB, I get An error occurred while loading navigation: no such cmd: connectionstatus. Welp. Robo T fails with Failed to execute "listdatabases" command.