How to connection pool requests for foundation db cluster

Is there a recommended way to create a connection pool in foundation DB. Please help

Client connections to the cluster are all managed within the fdb_c client library, and as a user of the client there isn’t much you can do to directly influence them.

To give you an idea what this actually looks like, a client process will create a connection to each of various processes in the cluster that it needs to communicate with as necessary, such as the coordinators, master proxies, and storage servers that it reads from. It won’t create a new connection to a process if one is already open, but they can be closed from idleness (after 3 minutes, I believe).

Any operations you perform on a client will make use of open connections if they exist. You can run multiple transactions simultaneously, and if they require talking to the same processes they will use the same connections.

Or if you’re looking for a connection pooler like pgbouncer, then one will be included as a part of fdbserver in 7.0, but will only become useful or necessary if you have many 10’s of thousands of clients. Please follow Add support for “Read Proxy” role #1938 for the progress.