How to create a DR site?


I’m trying to create and and add a DR site for my fdb cluster. Unfortunally, there is no any step-by-step primer in the ‘Administration’ section of the FDB Documentation, so I made some steps by own.

I made:

  1. Created a second three-node cluster. Checked with fdbcle that it is reachable
  2. Copied cluster files from both source and DR clusters to a client machine as fdb.cluster and standby-fdb.cluster
  3. Ran the command on the client machine (with fdb client installed):

fdbdr start -d standby-fdb.cluster -s fdb.cluster

And the response is:
The DR on tag `default’ was successfully submitted but no DR agents are responding.

  1. fdbdr status -d standby-fdb.cluster -s fdb.cluster


The DR on tag `default’ is NOT a complete copy of the primary database (just started).

  1. fdbcli -C fdb.cluster
    status details

Backup and DR:
Running backups - 0
Running DRs - 0

Seems the data tansfering to DR is not in progress. What have I do more for copying data to the DR site?

You may want to try starting DR agents in the other direction as well, with standby-fdb.cluster as the source and fdb.cluster as the destination.

Edit: It’s unlikely to be what’s happening here, but it’s generally good to have them in both directions to help with switching and failover.

Edit: Oh, after re-reading it I see you’re not running DR agents in either direction. That’s something that we should make clearer in the documentation. You need to run the dr_agent binary, with the same source and destination parameters, and leave those running as background processes. The dr_agent process is responsible for doing the work of copying the data.

You are right. There weren’t dr_agents running. After starting dr_agents, the replication took a progress.

Makin a documentation clearer would be great.