How to expose a metric for the fdbmonitor count of restarts?

Is there a better way to count the number of restarts which fdbmonitor performs, other than parsing its logged output?

In my company, we are exporting metrics in Prometheus format. status json is exporting the uptime_seconds per process. A reset in the counter means that fdbserver has been restarted. This info has been pretty useful for us to detect OOM from misconfigured StorageServers

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Thanks, that is a great idea!

I am actually using a fork of your older Go version for the metrics: GitHub - PierreZ/fdb-prometheus-exporter: A FoundationDB Prometheus metrics exporter

aha, I wrote this a looooong time ago, when I was discovering fdb. It is not really maintained anymore, whereas the CleverCloud one is used internally and maintained :slight_smile:

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This one? GitHub - CleverCloud/foundationdb-exporter: A FoundationDB metrics Exporter with Prometheus compatibility

Yes, maintained by @AlexandreBrg which has most(if not all) of the commits