How to restart fdb cluster in K8S environment

Hi, Experts

I wonder in Cloud K8S environment when I want to restart the foundationdb cluster (e.g there are 10 pods running fdb servers). How can I restart it? Just kill all pods one by one? Or there is somewhere to kick off a service restart command once to restart the whole fdb cluster? Thanks!

Could you define “restart” a little bit more? If you want to restart all fdbserver processes you can simply exec into one of the Pods and run fdbcli --exec 'kill; kill all; status' to restart all fdbserver processes. If you want to recreate all Pods you have to delete them either one by one or with a label selector. If you want to restart a sub set of fdbserver you can either use the kill command from above and only target the specific IP’s or make use of the kubectl fdb plugin (assuming you are using the operator): fdb-kubernetes-operator/kubectl-fdb at main · FoundationDB/fdb-kubernetes-operator · GitHub there is a restart command with different flags to target a sub set of fdbserver. One important bit I want to mention about the plugin and the restart is that it uses pkill, which means processes are restarted one after another and not “at the same time” like the kill command would do.

Thank you very much , let me try it.