How to set up a fdb cluster

hello,I first used Foundationdb. The teacher wanted me to build a distributed cluster. I now have three servers, ip39.98.93.150, ip39.98.93.151, and ip39.98.93.152. I have successfully run stand-alone Foundationdb on each server, as follows

fdb> status

Using cluster file `/etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster'.

  Redundancy mode        - single
  Storage engine         - memory-2
  Encryption at-rest     - disabled
  Coordinators           - 1
  Usable Regions         - 1

  FoundationDB processes - 1
  Zones                  - 1
  Machines               - 1
  Memory availability    - 8.0 GB per process on machine with least available
  Fault Tolerance        - 0 machines
  Server time            - 02/24/23 09:51:17

  Replication health     - Healthy
  Moving data            - 0.000 GB
  Sum of key-value sizes - 0 MB
  Disk space used        - 105 MB

Operating space:
  Storage server         - 1.0 GB free on most full server
  Log server             - 92.6 GB free on most full server

  Read rate              - 22 Hz
  Write rate             - 0 Hz
  Transactions started   - 8 Hz
  Transactions committed - 0 Hz
  Conflict rate          - 0 Hz

Backup and DR:
  Running backups        - 0
  Running DRs            - 0

Client time: 02/24/23 09:51:17

The problem is

  1. I read some documents and blogs. I need to use the same fdb.cluster for dbs on three servers. How should I configure this file? Now the file is:

How should I modify it? In addition, how can I not find relevant information? Can you tell me some relevant information I want to see.

  1. Can three servers have only one coordinator? If I want to use the server as other modules in the paper, how to modify it

Thank you. The teacher’s request must be fulfilled as soon as possible, so I ask you for help

Read this

When you have 3 servers, you can configure double ssd to tolerate a loss of one server. You also need to coordinators auto to make sure you have 3 coordinators, so you can lose one coordinator.